Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weigh In Day Today...

So, I weighed in this morning and I'm down to 187. So, it's been 22 days since I've been doing the Think and Shrink program and I'm down a total of 10 pounds. Though, maybe 3 don't really count because of the giant binge that I had the night before I started.
I know that this is weird because being down 2 pounds in a week is a good thing, but for some reason, I was hoping that it would be more. I don't want to get into that thinking though because I did the hypnosis to make peace with food, not to become obsessed. In many ways, I think it's working because I feel like it's okay for me to leave food on the plate. I know that I can eat more later. Also, I like that when I'm amped up, I can do a hypnosis session and come out of it feeling so much calmer. I haven't done the speeding metabolism hypnosis a lot, but I was thinking that I might start to try that one a little more. I do feel calm more often. One of the really great things about the think & shrink thing that I forgot to mention is that I've become obsessed with exercise. Especially spinning and pilates. I've taken like 6 spin classes in the last 22 days and like 4 pilates clasess. So I love that. It makes me feel strong.

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