Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday morning- did a spin class

So, I decided to go to spin class today. I'd never done it before, but I've been hearing about it forever. My teacher was, I dunno, 4 foot 10 and weighed maybe 85 pounds. She was this tiny little thing but she had these bulging muscles everywhere and she kept on yelling at everyone. She even came up to people and upped their resistance. Thank goodness she didn't do it to me. I might have a girl-crush on her. I also did a pilates class at the gym. It took me by surprise, I never have done pilates before, but it's really simple movements, but definitely effective, I'm kind of achey all over. I never realized all these crazy classes at my gym. There's one called pump 'n dump! I think I'll try that one out. I went to Whole Foods after and bought grass fed beef for dinner and also a bunch of interesting mushrooms. I'm kind of nervous to cook steak and all sorts of crazy looking mushrooms and also some mesclun. I thought it was a 70s drug, but then I learned that that's mescaline. Big difference.

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