Thursday, August 21, 2008

Boy, people are really mad at Jennifer Love Hewitt

OMG, her weight is sooooo scrutinized, more so than anyone else. Last Christmas, when those pictures came out about her butt cellulite, people were all over her about how gross she was. But she stood behind her butt and said "I'm a size 2, that's not big!" Which is true. She's gorgeous, she just has a booty, like women of child bearing age are supposed to! Then, now she lost supposedly 18 pounds according to US magazine. But now people are up in arms. I feel so bad for her. She's human. I mean, girls who get made fun of in school for having a big butt become anorexic (like my sister did) so imagine having the WHOLE WORLD talking about your butt. It would be impossible not to do something. Not that she had to, she's gorgeous, but she's human, so I'm sure that she felt that she'd feel better if she striked back.

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