Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Leryn Franco-- I'm both in awe and confused...

Jesus. This woman is build like a brick sh*t house. The weird thing about her is that she's not only an athlete but an extreme sex symbol. She qualified (just barely) for the olympics, but she's not necessarily revered for her Javelinesque prowess, she's all over the place for having been in Playboy and appearing topless in some calendar. I believe that everyone should have the choice to do and act in any way that they feel serves them best. And I'm not puritanical or anything and I wouldn't go on a rampage about the purity of the Olympics vs. the raunchiness of being a topless model.
But yet... I can't help but feel somehow disappointed about this. I'm not sure why. I've never felt this way about Gabrielle Reece. She always seemed just athletic and strong. I think that my feelings about Leryn are more about the feminist issue of it. On one level, she seems so strong and amazing but then, she somehow becomes this object by posing so provocatively. It feels confusing, like it's not okay to be strong and feminine at the same time. This isn't a judgment against Leryn or her choices, but it's really just the way I feel about it. Confused. I guess that the media does that to women. A lot.

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