Monday, September 15, 2008

Trying to feel normal...

Normal is s funny thing. Normal about food is weird. What does it mean to feel normal around food? Does it mean to be obsessed with food? Neutral about food? Or somewhere in the middle. I have spent most of my life being obsessed with food. My desire, and my reason for trying the weight loss hypnosis program is to completely change the way I feel about food. I want to think that food is there to nurture me. But only in a physical way, not in an emotional way. I think that for most of my life I looked to food to help soothe me and calm my nerves and heal my wounds. I would sit alone in my room with a box of cocoa krispies. I don't know why cocoa krispies. I think I thought it would heal everything. It healed nothing, but it felt good. It soothed me. It kept me safe. Safe. It's incredible how food can be so safe and so unsafe at the same time.


Carolina Girl said...

Hey, thanks for the comment! I'll definitely try that!

I can totally relate to your blog about dieting and food. It's plagued me for years too.

I'll be back! :)

Lila said...

thanks for visiting my blog! I love yours too and will add it to my blogroll.