Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Skinny What!?

I've been thinking about this website whose purpose is to point out celebrities and ponder about whether they have lost weight, gained weight, are too skinny, too fat, not toned enough, too toned, wearing this wearing that. It doesn't have cruel comments persay, but it encourages readers to scrutinize and criticize celebrity bodies. It's quite popular apparently because each entry has tons of comments from people saying things like "ick, she's fat," or "gross thighs, not toned." For people like Reese Witherspoon...

This is the kind of thing that makes not just superstars anorexic, but non-stars. It's so hypercritical and judgmental. Women need to stick together and love their bodies, not hate their bodies! And love their bodies no matter what. Love your body because it's strong. Love your body because it's healthy. Love your body because it's resilient. But don't hate your body because it's fat. You did that, your body didn't. Your body reacts to the way you treat it. If you treat it with loving kindness, kind words, kind thoughts, kind actions, it will reward you with being healthy and feeling good. If you treat it badly, with bad thoughts, bad food, punative exercise, starving, pills, drugs, hate words, it will treat you with aches, pains, and by breaking down. These kinds of websites teach people to be critical not just of their own bodies, but of other people's bodies. What right do people have to be hateful and criticize others for the way they look? It makes me really angry and sad.

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The Veggie Guy said...

Well said!

See, you have to remember that the people leaving those comments are douchebags... as if they're perfectly toned, cellulite-free, etc.! It's really easy to point out minor flaws about celebs, because we've all got them! Of course celebs have physical (and mental) flaws... they're human just like everybody else.

I think it just makes some people feel better to say, "Well, Evangeline Lilly has big thighs"... because then they can somehome feel better about their own imperfections. Not that they should dwell on their own imperfections and beat themselves up over them, but there are ways to accept your own humanity without criticizing others.

Sorry, you just hit on a pet peeve of mine.

Great blog, BTW!