Sunday, September 7, 2008

It's working!

I weighed myself this morning and I'm down another 2 pounds! I'm 184 now, which leaves me with just another 67 pounds to go... ugh.. but the good news is, I'm down 13 pounds! That's a lucky number.

The weight loss is a great thing, but actually, the hypnosis is really working now. I've been listening to the program on my ipod a lot more frequently lately (like sometimes even twice a day!)
and I've noticed that I'm beginning to feel a lot more neutral around food. For example, I was at a party last night and there were chips and chocolate and cupcakes and beer all over the place. I saw them, but I didn't even consider it, and it wasn't a struggle. It felt like it felt back when I was a vegetarian, I just didn't register it as an option. I wasn't hungry and so I didn't eat. I did want a drink though so I chose to drink a beer (not even a lite beer) and I drank it slowly and didn't even finish it. I felt like I was so much more engaged in talking to people and I was feeling totally confident and happy so it was a lot easier than it has in the past. I felt so totally transformed. It was amazing. It's the kind of feeling that I hope will stay for the rest of my life.

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