Sunday, June 7, 2009

Trying to Come Back

It's summer. It's beautiful. It's time for me to forget winter and go forward. 
Tonight, I put my profile on I'm nervous but excited. 
I haven't gone out in months. I'm all alone on a Saturday night and I'm over it.

On the upside, my weight has changed dramatically. Since last August, when I began this journey, 
I've lost 44 pounds. That puts me at 154 pounds, which puts my BMI at just a bit over 30! Which means that if I lose just a few more pounds, I will no longer be put in the "clinically obese" category. Which will be really fucking nice when I go to the doctor. Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!!!

And I love that I've been totally healthy the whole time. I've slipped up with some binges, and some nights of too much alcohol and not enough food. But for the most part, I've been really attuned to the needs of my body. And I feel better physically than I ever have. 

My summer goals are: 

1.)Run 10 miles. 
2.)Go out on 10 dates
3.)Save up, fit into, and buy a pair of designer jeans! Don't know if that will happen... but I would love to fit into a pair of True Religion or Seven Jeans. They are so cool. Maybe by August?  
4.)Move into a new place. 
5.)Get a job.


A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

That's fantastic! So happy to hear this moving forward plan of yours! Do you attribute the loss mostly to the think and shrink or mostly to you on your own? You know I'm always looking to add to my arsenal of weight loss techniques. Congrats!

Lila said...

Well, the Think & Shrink was good because it got me thinking about food and my body in a new way. So, instead of dieting, I've been mindful and balanced. But I attribute it to myself. Because it was my thoughts, and my ability to be mindful and think about what was important to me. So, I guess I do attribute it to the think and shrink, but I definitely attribute it to myself more, if that makes sense..