Sunday, June 21, 2009

Date number One. Oh my.

I'm actually on summer break. I can't believe it. My break only lasts a few weeks. But that's cool. I don't mind.

I went on my first official internet date! But. I wouldn't exactly call it a success. The boy, first off was the same height as me. Now. it's not really in my nature to be a judgmental or critical. But. here's the thing. I am barely five feet tall. And I would love to have my boyfriend be at least 5'2". I hope that this doesn't make me come off as a bitch. He wrote on his profile that he was 5'4". But... not so much.

But honestly, when I saw him, i thought he was cute. And I thought that I needed to get over it. So I went out with him. We went to a vegetarian restaurant, where he espoused the need completely disconnect oneself with anything that might minutely harm the enviornment. Which.. basically included eating at all. He drank water and ate nothing but a bowl of fruit. FOR DINNER!!!!!!!!
And he grilled the waitress about how the fruit was harvested, how they acquired the fruit, whether or not it was organic or local. Oh. My. God. It was mind boggling.
Now, here's the thing.

he actually criticized my weight.

He said that I didn't look this big in my picture. But he was generally kind.

Sparks? No. Will I go out with him again? Never.

But as a first experience. Well. At least I've started.


A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

OH MY FREAKING GOD what a loser. To think that is one thing, to actually say it....what a tosser! I would have said, "Funny, you didn't seem as much of an asshole in your photos..." And this is why he's single.

catsbd said...

Hi, discovered your nlog via Diet Blog, thought I'd have a peek at the think and shrinkl thing (haven't looked yet. Glad your date wasn't wuite the date from hell - I am sure you'll find someone a trillion times better (just be careful). A work colleague has met her perfect boyfriend on the internet (he's soooooo lovely and they are perfect for each other - he's 28, she's 30). Cathy (UK)

Anonymous said...

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