Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hey George Bush, C-Ya, Wouldn't wanna B-Ya!

I must admit. I am a staunch liberal. I was a kid during the Clinton years. So the idea of having a democratic president seems really novel to me. I'm lucky. I'm not one of those liberals who has to fight with their parents. My folks went to Woodstock and brought us up on a steady diet of blue mule and first amendment sandwiches. (No wonder I was so overweight). Anyway, this Barack Obama thing has really made me happy. On a very simple note, I student teach in an inner city school where most of my students are very poor, very underprivileged, African American students. Having Barack Obama as the President (it now deserves a capital letter) gives new hope, new direction for people who previously believed that if they weren't born into privilege, they would be doomed to end up in the same position as their parents (don't we all feel like that). But now there's hope for those kids. He's no George Bush, he's no Kennedy. He didn't land this position because he's "American Royalty." And that's a beautiful thing. It reaffirms my faith in this country (which I never really had). Anyway, I think that it's a new start for out country and also for minority groups who were previously pigeonholed. I think that the Roger Bannister paradox will kick in here. I feel hopeful.
Besides the fact that he's smart and charismatic and compassionate and helpful to the country, I also think he's pretty dreamy.