Sunday, April 19, 2009


Swimming fucking rules. I've been swimming like 3 times a week and it's amazing. I've been doing 50 laps wearing these hand paddles and these flippers. I'm doing it half for fitness but also because it's the one thing that's been getting my mind off of Doctor Dickhead. That's my ex's name btw. But we can just call him DD for short. I can't help but think that he ended things with me because of the things I'll never be. I'll never be tall, skinny, rich, sophisticated, I'll never be a doctor's wife type. I'll never be the girl who gets manicures and pedicures every week. I'll never have a Gucci or Prada or Coach or Mark Jacobs purse (even though sometimes I secretly want one), I'll never eat like a bird or talk in a nasal long island accent, I'll never be who I'm not. I wouldn't want to though. But still. I can't help it. I miss him. Terribly.


A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

Warning: Tough Talk ahead.

He didn't want you because of all of that but you were still good enough to fuck? That's really the bottom of the bottom scum.

Consider yourself better off without him sweetie, rather than believing his lies for years and THEN finding out he's been banging another girl or two on the side.

Swimming DOES rock. You'll be feeling toned up in no time. I miss pool access!!

D said...

great blog. I’m on a diet right now, so this really helps